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Able, Apton, Morris & Stagg Inc. is a client focused, results oriented organization dedicated to serving its business partners ethically and fairly through an experienced team of professionals coupled with innovative recovery strategies and technologies.

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Outperforming Regional and National Collection Averages

Since 1994 we have consistently outperformed regional  and national collection averages, while remaining responsive and sensitive to our clients' needs regarding customer relations. For example, in a field such as medical collections we realize that there is a special relationship between the care provider and patients, so extra attention is given to maintaining that harmonious relationship.

Experienced Collectors Make the Difference

Collecting is about professionals dealing with people at a difficult time in their lives. Only experienced and motivated collectors can do that for you. We won't promise to collect every account that you give us and we won't make promises to you that we cannot keep. However, we will promise to do the best job that we can. We will work each and every account to the fullest extent of our capability. We do not passively send out dozens of demand letters. That did not work for you and it doesn't work for us either. We will, of course, send out any required notices, letters and other due diligence. More effectively, we get on the phone and work with your customer to bring the account to a final resolution. We rely on our experienced collectors to produce results for you in a courteous and effective manner. We will also maintain your professional standards in dealing with the customers you have given to us.


Extensive Database of Debtors Assists Collections

We have consistently high collection results, partly due to our strong debtor base. Having such a large number of accounts in our system enables us to quickly match debtor records as soon as they are entered into the computer. We can then compare credit information, debtor location, assets and other real property information. These new claims are tied to accounts previously assigned to us from other clients and so noted. If legal action is being initiated, in many cases we can add this new placement to the suit. 


Polite But Firm

Our phone contacts are polite but firm and payment in full is our first demand. Provided there is a willingness to pay, terms can be arranged. We provide and accept a wide variety of payment methods. Payments can be made at several nation wide banks and by Western Union. We also work with several Local and National courier services, so that money can be picked up and sent to us overnight. 


Credit Reporting Partners

Credit reporting agencies can make the critical difference in being paid or ignored, but there are so many, and most agencies are affiliated with only one. Able, Apton is the leading agency with North America wide clout that lists with ALL the major credit reporting agencies. Debtors know our reputation, pay your account within days of listing or face years of bad credit. 

As the world's largest credit reporting agency Equifax sets the standard for credit information. With global operations include consumer and commercial credit information services, payment services, software, modeling, analytics, consulting and direct-to-consumer services. Using a broad range of knowledge - based solutions.
Trans Union is the newest, fast growing primary source of credit information. They serve a broad range of industries that routinely evaluate credit risk information and verifies information.   Trans Union operates nationwide through a network of company offices and independent credit bureaus. They also have many subsidiaries and divisions in the U.S. and abroad.

Experian is the new name for TRW, an information solutions company. Over 50 countries report credit information to be recorded in their data base. 

D&B is a leading provider of business information for credit, marketing, purchasing, and receivables management decisions in the commercial account market. More than 100,000 companies report credit records to D&B. 


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